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Agents wanted

2012-05-24 source: click:2064

Agents Wanted

Ningbo Belt Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing various of pneumatic and hydraulic components . 
We are committed to the development,manufacturing, sales and technical support of pneumatic and hydraulic components for long time.   
Sales network covering more than 100 countries and regions at home and abroad, this serve us win the high reputation and impression in the products we support and the industries second to none. 
The company currently employs nearly 200 people, nearly 100 CNC lathe, and all kinds of advanced testing and automation equipment. Now it has become a product development, production and sale of train service. 
With the continuous expansion of our business and brand rise, now we recruit agent around the world .
Introduction: The major products include various kinds of plastic fittings, metal fittings, copper fittings, rapid fitting, pneumatic quick coupler, hydraulic quick coupling, silencers, air blow gun. All kinds of PU tube, Nylon tube and all type  of water pure connecters ....... 
Under the motto "Quality sustain enterprise, Quality flourish enterprise ",Our company constantly improve the standard quality assurance system, high-quality, high performance, high standards to service customers and the community. 
Agent Requirements: We hope you meet the following requirements: 
1.Familiar and long-term operating pneumatic industry. 
2.Have strong economic strength and stability of the customer source. 
3.Orders quantity and annual amount depending on the countries and regions , the specific can be consulted in further if you have cooperative intention. 

We can offer you: 
1.The best quality service, the most reasonable prices. 
2.Strong regional protection policies. 
3.Viable profit model, to ensure that companies and agents have money to be earn . 
4.Agents have full rights, the local customer is your own customers, the company offers strong support. 
Agents Required for the Following Countries: different countries and some special city 

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